Dog Park

New Franklin Dog Park

Update 8/3/2012

Hello everyone! The website About us page was just now updated so you can check that out. The dog park is going very well you are all doing a fantastic job of keeping it clean and it has more of a sense of community then I could ever imagine. Soon I am hoping to have a continual fundraiser start for the dog park. We will post fliers in the dog park as well but a person will be making customized t-shirts for you to make and buy all you do is send in a picture of your dog and his or her name and you will have a t-shirt made each t-shirt gives 5 dollars to the dog park.  

 Fur The Earth Personalized Tee ShirtsThis picture goes on the back(with your own dog) 

Fur The Earth People Tee Shirts This is what the front looks like 


My vision for the park

I can imagine during the summer the park always filled with dogs happily playing together and neighbors meeting each other for the first time. Kids will be playing together and making friends for life, because a dog park brings people and animals together.

Hello again! 

Hello Members! I would like to thank you for keeping your dog park clean! However

please do not throw anything away in the trash bin at the back of the dog park! Spread the

word the bin at the back is strictly for empty grocery bags also to be used for picking up

waste (incase the other bags are empty). Also make sure you tell others about this website

so they can sign up! Thank you for being members of the Franklin Dog park.  


Big News!

The fence poles have been installed! A huge thank you to Random Smiles for all the help and thank you to all the volunteers who showed up! Thank you too Dave Wolfe for bringing the heater and the tractor! (Especially the heater!).Thank you sooo much everybody! Also thank you to Jeff Nutting for coming down and rolling up your sleeves.  

The Fence is going up 11/3/2011

HI everybody! I need to inform you of an important upcoming date. This Saturday on the 5th of November the fence is going to start going up. The following week the fence will be finished.  Financially the dog park is also doing well. Keep checking the website because Opening day is also starting to be planned. If you have any ideas for opening day please tell them! This is a community dog park. For those of you who routinely check this site please spread the word, as well as anyone else.  Also as a note the rules have been approved and the signs are being made. Once again thank you to Random Smiles (who are installing the fence) and Cam (who is making the signs).  

We Need Your Help!

The Franklin dog park is moving along great but we need your help! A dog park takes a lot of time and money to build and the town of Franklin can help build it by donating money or just spreading the  word to friends and family. Do as much as you can! You could also donate supplies such as:

Cement, 5ft 6gage fence, Mulch

Small shed, wheel barrow, shovel, rakes,

Benches, Picnic tables

Pooper scoopers, bowls, Poop Bags(hundreds)

Or if you have another idea contact me at


The Beggining  9/27/2011

            Hello again! I need more help than ever! I hope to have the dog park up this October but we need funding! Please spread the word as far and wide as possible! This cannot get done without the support of the community! We have raised $2,176.40 so far and need to duple it. So Please Help and this will get done. If anybody is interested in doing a fundraiser please go ahead and help! Also a special thank you to Happy Tails and all there help! I must also add for small businesses that if you donate a significant amount then you get a permanent sign in the Dog Park. So please. Thank you in advance to all of you who help and get active in your community!